Pop Corn

Argentina stands as the largest global exporter and the second-largest producer of popcorn kernels, following the U.S. Over recent years, Argentina has seen significant growth in both the quantity and quality of its popcorn production. The country is widely recognized as a reliable supplier, exporting 95% of its total popcorn production to markets worldwide.

Our popcorn is renowned for its superb quality, which is reflected in its high expansion rates and exceptional popping percentage, ensuring a premium product for consumers globally.

Types and packaging

Origin: Argentina
Variety: Butterfly/Mushroom
Quality: Non-GMO
Expansion Rates: Available in 38-40, 40-42, and 42-44
Minimum Explosion Percentage: 98%
Packaging Options: Available in paper or poly bags of 25 kg and 50 lbs
Container Load: 20' dry container can hold up to 25 tons
Harvest: June

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